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Real Estate Asset Management. 

PIMG manages real estate / property assets achieving low variance, high yield returns with monthly to quarterly dividends. We use a systematic approach of identifying low beta, inflation hedged assets with relatively stable and high yield returns with strong margins of safety and potential uplift opportunities on exit. We see better opportunities in Australia and are expanding to other developed APAC regions as suitable diversification opportunities present themselves.

Our strength is leveraging our network and analytical expertise to seek potential acquisitions of:

  1. Freehold/Leasehold Management of Hotel/Resort/STA Assets (Value Add); 

  2. ​Hotel/Resort/STA assets with embedded long lease with inflation protections (Core); 

  3. Student Accommodation (Core Plus);

  4. Multi-Family / Management Rights (Core Plus); 

all with the common theme that each project provides comparatively regular high, stable dividend return profile and growth on exit.

PIMG’s investment approach provides investors with a unique opportunity to access market uncorrelated attractive asset classes hidden from overseas investors with superior returns, paid as monthly / quarterly dividends.

We provide deal sourcing and execution, research and analysis, project financing and asset management services. 

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